2008 recap

A few of the things I did this year_

Lincoln Memorial - Went to Washington DC for a TCGA meeting

- Saw Barack Obama and Bill Clinton campaign in Texas.

- Started a Texas politics blog (now largely abandoned)

- Got hitched

Roatan, Honduras - Cruised to Central America on a fantastic honeymoon

- Revisited my old loathing of pre-meds

- Got briefly fascinated by elevator mishaps

- Attended a meeting in San Francisco

- "Hunkered down" during Hurricane Ike, then survived for four days without power

- Was published in Nature

Pac-man heads
- Made Pac-man heads for Halloween

- Elected a leader who gives me hope, and blogged about the demise of the GOP

sunset in Hawaii
- Traveled to Hawaii

- Was published again in Genome Research. That article was then written up in the New York Times

All in all, a pretty good year. Here's to an even better 2009.


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