A Few Things for Today

  • Google Maps opened a few weeks ago, and thus far, I've been impressed. That sweet javascript trick they used to make the map movable is what sold it for me. It's much faster and more intuitive than mapquest's interface.
  • Bloglines is an RSS reader/aggregator that makes checking blogs easy. Give it the address of a site or RSS feed, and add it to your list. Then, every time you go to your bloglines page, it'll check all the pages and display the updated ones.
  • Gaim is an instant messaging client that supports a wide variety of protocols (AIM/MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/Jabber). It's a little slow at times (at least on my old system), but the features are great. The thing that sold my girlfriend was the mouse-hover away-message checking. People who use multiple IM programs should love it too.


Written by shep -

gaim was good, but i'm really liking Trillian 3.1 Pro. I used to hate trillian, but they really made a great program out of it. Oh yeah, Heather is a dork. :)

Written by Chris -

My problem with Trillian is that it's not free software. It's not open source (free as in speech) and the pro version requires payment (not free as in beer). Of course, you could use a crack, but as a programmer, I don't like to do unethical things like that. If Trillian were eons ahead of GAIM, I'd shell out for it, but at the present, it's not, so I'm happy with my free software. For more on open source software, and why it's better, check out the GNU philosophy_ http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html

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