A Letter to the Only Movie Theater Owner in Kirksville

I'm writing to urge you to bring the film 'Fahrenheit 911' to your theater. Despite opening in just 868 theaters nationwide (three times less than other top-ten movies), it grossed 21.8 million dollars, earning it the number one spot in the nation. That means that it earned over $25,000 per theater this weekend, as opposed to just over $7,000 for the number two movie, 'White Chicks'.

By not showing a film this popular, you stand to lose quite a bit of revenue. I hope you'll consider this, and bring the film soon. And if not, well then I suppose I'll just have to drive to Columbia and give my money to someone else.

Chris Miller
Kirksville Resident
Downtown Cinema 8 Patron


Written by Mike G -

Chris, I went and saw the movie and thought it was great. It was really hard, though too. I'll go to columbia with you sometime. I've got some people I want to drag to see the movie, and I figured columbia was a good place to do it. I won't be able to do it this weekend (because of the 4th), but any other time, we should get together a group of people and go.

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