Abortion, et al.

I'm not worried about Roe v. Wade, given the rampant hypocrisy of many people who vote on "moral issues". The so-called "red states" have far higher abortion rates than more progressive states. They also offer far less sex education and don't have networks offering social benefits to pregnant women, both of which reduce abortion rates. (Funny how that works.)

Being a trained scientist, I naturally approach the question of life from a biological perspective. First of all, the assumption that humans are somehow vastly superior to the rest of the animal kingdom is just ridiculous. We're made up of the same matter, the same cellular mechanisms, and most of the same DNA. Why should a mass of undifferentiated cells in a uterus have any more rights than the steak on my plate right now? Or the leaves in my salad?

Some other species like chimps and dolphins are even able to do complex problem-solving, equivalent to what many children are capable of. Killing them is not murder, though. So why should a glob of undeveloped human cells be subject to a different set of standards? The point is that without human sentience, we're just another lump of meat. And we base our legal protections on possessing that kind of human sentience, which a fetus clearly doesn't have.

In fact, we don't even extend legal protections to all organisms that are fully developed humans. What about people in a coma? Once they are "brain-dead", ending their life becomes legal, because they lack the mental capabilities that distinguish humans from any other animal.

So, when you look at it from this perspective, the question becomes "at what point does a human gain sentience?" Seeing as how humans don't possess any real self-awareness, rational thought, or coherence until well into our toddler years, I don't feel that birth is an unreasonable cutoff point for abortions.

Please don't get me wrong - no one likes abortions. They're painful, messy, and can leave deep emotional scars. That's why we need to educate people on how to avoid getting themselves into a situation where one seems like the best option. I do, however, see a slew of situations where they truly are the best option.

I can't in good conscience endanger the life of a woman, or force another unwanted child into this world. There are too many needy and neglected kids as is.


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