"As an American, I demand

"As an American, I demand to live in a bubble of banality!"

That quote, from this comic, pretty much sums up my feelings on the state of America (and the world). Why is the nation filled with freaking idiots? Why can't more of them do the right thing and earn themselves a Darwin Award?

The only thing that's heartened me slightly lately have been the relatively good turnouts at my Phi Sigma Pi chapter's Diversity Forums. Even then, it's sometimes disheartening to see how little most people follow the news, but at least the people who come make a concerted effort to listen, and engage in some serious discussion of the issues. That's more than 99% of people ever do...

You can call me cynical - I'll agree. I've really found, though, that I have no reason to put faith in the human race as a whole. Sure, there are people here and there who I respect, but they're islands in a vast sea of stupidity. In order to cope, I'm going to try to stop gritting my teeth as I read the news, and do my best to take the advice of George Carlin. Yes, he's a comedian, but he's also one of the most intelligent entertainers around.

Carlin summed up his approach some time ago on the Dennis Miller Live show. Miller asked him how he managed to cope with the vast amount of stupidity out there, that MIller finds maddening, and Carlin's response was_ "Just watch it like the circus it is. When you're born, you get a ticket to the freak show - I say, enjoy the show! Don't take it too seriously!"

Words to live by.


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