Badmouthing Bush

Jen, over at Mellow Drama recently wrote about dropping some dead blogs off of her links. In reference to Dear Dubya, she wrote_

. . .the only reason she had for blogging was hatred of the President. It's hard to sustain that kind of emotion for a long period of time ...

I disagree. Every day, this administration does something new to remind me why they deserve nothing but contempt. There was the interrogation of potential protesters here in Kirksville. Or the continuing rape of the environment. Not to even mention the funneling of billions of dollars to their corporate cronies, through uncontested contracts and tax loopholes.

No, I'd say the Bush administration does a damn good job of sustaining hatred in this country. And it deserves every bit of it.


Written by Jennifer -

Ah, yes, but you're really paying attention. My "Dear Dubya" friend is a bit of a spaz, and she's so wrapped up in law school that she barely pokes her head out of the library to take a look around. She'd have to continuously feed her hatred to write a good blog, and she just doesn't have time.

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