Big Science

The top funded bio labs in the US are as follows_

1) Landers, MIT, $53m, Informatics & genome
2) Richard Wilson, Washington U, $46m, Informatics & genome
3) Richard Gibbs, BCM, $33m, Rhesus, Macaque & Bovine genomes

I'm not directly under Richard Gibbs, but I do work in the HGSC. My lab does bioinformatics work on the genomes that come out of it.

The HGSC was one of the five institutions that worked on the original Human Genome Project. (Wash U being another that will be familiar to many of my readers). Though more small labs are getting in the game as costs come down, the majority of genome sequencing work is still being done at these major centers.

Its always good to be reminded that I'm surrounded by people at the top of their scientific game. It certainly can't hurt my career, right?


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