Bigoted Scouts of America

To: Commissioner of the Houston Area Boy Scouts of America
From_ Chris Miller

I am an Eagle Scout from Boy Scout Troop 161, and I recently recieved notice about your search for Eagle Scouts in the Houston area. As much as I would like to be active in the BSA, I cannot in good conscience continue to support an organization who discriminates against both homosexuals and atheists.

During my many years in Boy Scouts, I was taught to always strive to be morally straight. I was not, however, taught to be a bigot.


Christopher Miller
Eagle Scout
Troop 161


Written by Chris -

Got this via email from Freshboy the other day. He couldn't post it here since comments were hosed, but now that I've fixed them, I'll post it here_

Right on! I was an active Boy Scout (Minsi Trails Council Troop 105, "the pride of the Poconos") and it was an experience I treasure and value to this day. I can still tie a square knot and a bowline, identify white pine or red oak by either leaves or bark, and know how to handle safely and sharpen properly a knife, axe and saw. Like Chris, I find it unfortunate that I cannot in good conscience support the Boy Scounts of America any further, for the exact reasons he listed above. I recognize that the Scouts were originally founded as a semi-religious organization (hell, I even got two religious awards through the Scouts, an experience that helped me to understand better the tenets of my Catholic upbringing, and ultimately contributed to my decision to leave the faith). Yet I find it hypocritcal and unethical to issue a statement of diversity ( which touts the benefits of recognizing and finding strengths in our differences, and yet discriminates against specific groups based on sexual orientation or faith. The Scouts are a private organization, and I respect that they can choose to exist in this way, but it is sad that these young men are not given the guidance they need to be tolerant and accepting of persons with certain (anti-) religious views or different lifestyles. I don't blame the kids--in fact, I hope that many of the scouts can gain the same experiences I did and grow and develop as scouts ought to, and I hope that they come to realize that many of the ideals of scouting are not always practiced by the current leadership of the organization.
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