Blogging Darwin

John Whitfield has a confession to make: He's a PhD in evolutionary biology, and has never read "The Origin of Species".

I can relate_ I bought a copy years ago, intending to read it, but just never made the time. As I'm doing my PhD work in genomics and deal with evolutionary ideas all the time, I also feel a little sheepish. John intends to rectify this situation, so he'll be reading the book a little at a time and blogging about each section. Fantastic idea! Hopefully there will be some good discussion in the comments as he progresses.

I'm planning on dusting off my copy and reading along. Find yourself a copy and do the same, but do it quick - he'll be posting thoughts on the introduction soon.


Written by Daniel Swan » 2009 - a real year of celebration in science -

[...] was glad leafing through Chris Miller’s blog today to find out that I’m not the only scientist who has actually never read this book.   [...]

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