I feel pretty down today. I think it's primarily due to a lack of social interaction. I've only been down here a week, and have yet to do much outside of school. Yeah, I suppose shopping at Target and opening a bank account don't count, so that's zero social interaction outside of school.

Sure, there have been many phone conversations with the girl, which help a lot, and every now and then an IM conversation with a friend, but it's not enough to fill the need.

I think a big part of it has been that orientation is over, and most of my classes haven't started. Added to that, my mentor is out of town, so I don't have rotations this week either. I don't have much to do, and I'm getting a bit stir-crazy.

I miss the familiarity of Kirksville. I miss having a network of friends that were always up for frisbee, or bar-hopping, or just dinner. I miss walking into the Dukum and knowing at least three or four people. I miss my friends.

I know that this just a phase. I've been through it in high school, when I started going to a new district. I've been through it in college, where I didn't know anyone. I know that things will work out all right, and that I'll meet lots of fantastic people and that life will be good.

I just want to get to that point soon...


Written by Joel Andersen -

Gee, Chris this looks like a boneafide Xanga post. I would "tsk tsk" you but what kind of person would I be to kick a brother when he's down... Don't answer that. We both know answer.

Written by Jamie -

It'll get better, babe! Trust me - moving to Florida was no easy task and there were days when I wished there were other things to do and people to hang out with, but the ones I have now totally rock. It just takes time :) Enjoy the quality alone time when you can get it. I never thought I'd enjoy it like I do now.

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