BSA (Bigoted Scouts of America)

Stumbled across this today, and it made me laugh_

CHEERS to 95 years of helping old ladies across the street. The Boy Scouts of America was incorporated on this date in 1910. My partner and I are Eagle scouts (our certificates are signed by Reagan) but the national leadership says we don't count because we're gay. They wisely leave us alone, though---we know how to start a fire by rubbing two bigots together.

I'm an Eagle scout too, and I remember being rather appalled (though not surprised) at the BSA's decision to exclude homosexuals. I wrote a letter or two, to the national and local councils, and after recieving no response, wrote off the leadership as a lost cause.

I understand that attitudes are hard to change, though, and the BSA is one of the most conservative organizations around. Thankfully, the national offices don't really play a role in the day-to-day operations of troops, so being a scout leader is still a great way to subvert children's minds with your evil agenda of tolerance and respect.


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