Bush Supporters Woefully Uninformed

Many Bush supporters don't even know what they're voting for!! Bush supporters incorrectly assumed the following_

84% believed that he favors including labor and environmental standards in trade agreements.

69% believed that he favors the US being part of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

66% believed that he wants inclusion in the International Criminal Court.

72% believed that he is for the international treaty banning land mines.

51% believed that he supports the Kyoto Treaty on global warming.

Kerry supporters were much more accurate in assessing their candidate�s positions on all these issues.



Written by Justin -

Sorry bro, to rip on you on my first post on your blog, but deal. I'm not anymore liberal than I am conservative, I'm just looking out for what's best I guess you could say. I don't support Bush any more than Kerry, however you're posting information that can be classified as a "bad poll." 84% of how many people? were those people polled living in the suburbs of Chicago, or in Bumfuck, Missouri? What were the ages, ethnicities, income, and background of political involvment? They could have polled people who say they're for Bush, but still don't know his first name as well as the issues he has to present. I just don't think this is a valid poll, just another poll like the crappy ad campaigns they have on T.V.

Written by Chris -

Try again, bro. If you would follow the link, you'd see the following information on the survey_ "The poll was conducted with a nationwide sample of 959 respondents over September 8-12. The margin of error was plus or minus 3.2-4.0%" "The poll was fielded by Knowledge Networks using its nationwide panel, which is randomly selected from the entire adult population" "A report and the questionnaire can be found at www.pipa.org." If I had reported those numbers without any reference to the poll's methodology, you would have a point. Unfortunately for you, this one is about as systematical and transparent as you can get.

Written by John -

These questions are strongly focused around liberal issues, many of which Bush has not made part of his campaign strategy yet Kerry has. This type of study is inherently prone to inaccuracies and subjectivity, and I'm surprised an academic would take to it. If you read about the sponsor of the study, http://www.rbf.org/about/index.html, you can see that they are clearly focused on historically liberal issues, which suggests they influenced the selection of questions. A more objective study, taking into account the full platforms of the candidates (in foreign policy) is needed before making judgements. An argument could also be made that because of 4 years as our President, Bush is more likely to be misread because of citizens hearing conflicting or confusing news about these proposals. Meanwhile Kerry has the benefit of being relatively unknown. Overall, I do agree with the results, they 'sound' like that's how it is...but I hold the study itself in low regard. Also, as side note, they pick issues that both candidates have taken clear and documented positions. For loaded issues, Kerry is in much better position to avoid taking any sort of position, and it is in his best interest to not do so.

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