Christmas List

I enjoy Christmas, Kwaanza, Festivus, and all other holidays which entail receiving things which I want, nay, need (please, please, please Santa please). So, here's my first draft Xmas list, late as always. I'll post more here as I think of stuff over the next day or so.

  • This Tuck Fexas shirt is pretty sweet.
  • Pastafarianism is the new Intelligent Design
  • A Presentation Remote makes giving talks easy, as I tend to walk around. I'd like one where the remote has a laser pointer built in (most do).
  • This keyring multi-tool looks pretty sweet. It's small, portable, and would probably get me searched by airport security when I left it on my keychain.
  • Another hilarious, if geeky, chemistry t-shirt.
  • A subscription to the Bacon of the month club. (okay, this one is actually just to see if you're still paying attention...)
  • A 1 GB or higher flash drive. The Cruzer Micros are really nice, because I can carry them around on my keychain. I'm sure they'll be on sale somewhere soon, too. Tis the season.
  • An MP3 player. Preferably at least 4 GB, and not DRM-laden. The iPod Nanos are small and beautiful, but a little out of my price range. A used 3rd generation iPod might not be too pricey on Ebay. Some of the competing products, like the Rio Carbon, also don't look too bad.
  • A video card for my compy. Nothing high-end, as I don't game. Something along the lines of a GeForce 5500, with dual monitor support.
  • There are a bunch of books and CDs I'd like to own. I'll make an Amazon wishlist with all that stuff and post it soon.



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