Commentary from a Brit

Quite a few Americans are surprisingly nice and the country itself has really come along since 1492; it now has a fire service, schools, the lot - splendid work, America. Well done. But, really, George W? What a unpleasant, squalid, morally hollow little man he is. The whole world liked Clinton because we felt his heart was in the right place (even if his penis usually wasn't), which just makes the change to this evil weasel creature all the more shocking. So utterly in the pocket of the big business and oil money that paid to put him in the White House he doesn't even try to pretend otherwise but just grins at you and says 'So? Nothing you can do about it, is there?' The only thing stopping him being the perfect Bond villain is his total lack of charisma. My thoughts are with the American readers. How horribly embarrassing he must be for you.

Commentary by Mil Millington


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