I bought this sweet t-shirt from Threadless.com the other day.

I'm such a nerd.

Threadless has some sweet t-shirt designs, and their business model is brilliant. They have an ongoing design competition that anyone can enter, and anyone can vote in. The winning designers get some dough and free shirts, and Threadless gets designs that they know will sell.

I love the open, collaborative method - I just wish their shirts were a little cheaper. Anybody else think that this could be done in a non-profit way? Charge just enough to recoup expenses, and let community volunteers set up and run the site.

Anyone else think it's got potential?


Written by Liz -

Glarkware and Cafe Press both have a system set up where you can sell various items with whatever logo/ironic phrase/insignia you like for a pretty low fee. Not entirely sure how it works with Cafe Press (I don't think you have to have very high sales expectations- if any), but at Glarkware you pre-order, then they make only the amount you need. That's how I got my "I hate what you're wearing" tee-shirt from gofugyourself.com. (As an aside- paying for an expensive tee-shirt is worth the extra cash. It'll be soft, you'll wear it all the time, and it will be made of reasonably flattering fabric with a bit of stretch. A tent or a box is really not the look to go for.) As for non-profit... community volunteers? In charge of anything, let alone something that involves money, computers and shipping? I have no faith. Then again, I just got back from the Fringe Festival- a painful reminder of what can happen when amatures are allowed to run amok. Ever the nay-sayer though...

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