Dark Days

Sunday, the US engaged in its yearly ritual of setting back the clocks, and so today, I walked out of work at 5_30 into the dark of night, with the moon already high in the sky. As I trudged to my car, I couldn't help thinking that it was silly. "Surely", I thought, "there must be more people who would enjoy an hour of daylight in the evening than in the morning".

With some help from Ask Metafilter, I tracked down this NYT infographic, which is based on information from the 2008 American Time Use Survey. It turns out that at 630 am, which is roughly when the sun rose today, 53% of employed people are sleeping. What a waste of sunlight. At 500 pm, which is roughly when the sun set today, only 3% of people are sleeping.

With this in mind, I propose that we eliminate standard time and move permanently to Daylight Savings time. There are arguments to be made based on energy savings or mitigating the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder here, but dammit, it should be enough that it would make a whole lot of people's evenings suck less.


Written by Ward -

Hey, some of us loathe the sun.

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