Deep in the Heart of Texas

So, I'm living in Texas now. (There's something I never thought I'd say...)

I'm technically in southwest Houston, but considering the 2-dimensional structure of the city, it's pretty much downtown. (Inside the 610 loop and just west of the Astrodome, for those in the know). I have a nice little one-bedroom place that's nothing fancy, but more than big enough for me. This is especially true when you consider that I'll be spending most of my time on campus once classes start.

It's been interesting so far. Moving still sucks, as does the 14-hour drive from St. Louis. So does sleeping on the floor. I just brought down all of the essentials - clothes, cookware, and my computer and xbox - and my Dad is pulling a U-haul down next weekend with all of my crap. I feel bad that he's doing it alone, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than a moving truck, and I suppose he has the time, being off of school all summer and all.

Getting set up down here has gone pretty well, with the exception of getting my phone service/internet. First my phone line took three extra days to get setup/repaired, so I had no phone. Then I find out that it takes an additional week or so to get my DSL hooked up. You can't even order DSL until you have a phone line, which seems stupid. Why not place both orders at once and send one technician for the whole she-bang? So much for efficiency...

Eh - whatever. I'm on free trial AOL dial up until I can get DSL installed next week. Ridiculously slow, but much better than the 10 minute drive to the library, where they impose a 30-minute limit on your internet activity. Couple that with their speed issues, and I was lucky to get to any of my email earlier this week. (loading... loading...)

Other than my phone SNAFU, things are good down here. The Texas Medical Center (wherein I go to school) is just a short bus/metro ride away, and my apartment is located close to just about everything I need. City life and public transportation rock! I love being able to read a book or paper during my morning commute.

School starts tomorrow, and it'll be interesting to see what kinds of people my program attracted. If they're anything like the people that I interviewed with, they're extremely intelligent and a bit socially awkward. I'm not too worried, though. I've never had trouble finding a few drinking buddies before.

Hell, maybe I should just throw a party right now. Cleanup would be a snap. I mean, what are they going to do - puke on my non-existant couch? Pass out on my non-existant bed?

Hrmmm... This idea's got merit.


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