Digital Get Down

I was on a myspace page the other day that was playing N'Sync's song "Digital Get Down". I let out the obligatory groan and scrambled to find the right button to shut it off. Before I managed to kill the obnoxious pop song, I couldn't help noting some of the lyrics, though - specifically, the beginning of the chorus, which goes like this_

Digital digital get down just you and me
(you may be) twenty thousand miles away but I can see you
And baby baby you can see me

20,000 miles?! I'd like to know where in the hell these people are at.

See, the earth is roughly spherical, with a circumference of about 25,000 miles. So if you were to stand two people as far apart as they could get, at the two poles, they would only be 12,500 miles apart. At that point, if they took a step in any direction, they would always move closer to the other person.

So, unless they have wacky standards of measurement, these people clearly aren't both on earth. Even the International Space Station is only about 200 miles above earth, so that's ruled out as well.

As far as I can tell, the only people to have ever been 20,000 miles away from another human would be the Apollo astronauts on a moon mission. So clearly, Justin Timberlake was channeling Neil Armstrong when he sang lyrics like this_

Baby baby we can do all that we want
Were gettin nasty nasty, were getting freaky deaky

"Freaky deaky"?! Kind of paints the moon mission in a whole new light, huh?


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