Donors Choose update

Good news_ In the month of October, over 420,000 dollars were raised to help kids in low-income school districts through Donors Choose!

Bad news: Only 60 dollars of that came from readers of this blog.

Good news: Most of the original projects on my challenge page have been fully funded!

Bad news: Most of that was from donations from other sources. I blame myself for a lack of advertising here on the site.

Today I received an email with a 100 dollar gift certificate to Donor's Choose as a thank you for participating in the blogger challenge. Frankly, I feel a little bit bad about using it, since my challenge only raised 60 dollars! I'd hate to let the 100 bucks go to waste, though, so I used it on one of my challenge's projects and also upped my goal from 200 to 250 dollars. I also added a few new projects to my list, so that you have some more options for where your money will end up.

These teachers are struggling with the underfunding of their districts and the poverty of their students, but desperately want to make a difference. Their requests are for simple things - seeds, microscopes, lab scales - that can enrich the learning process and give these kids a fighting chance. So please, skip your morning coffee and donate a few bucks to a really good cause. (The money you give is also tax-deductible, if you're into itemizing your returns.)

Thanks to everyone who's donated so far, and thanks in advance from the kids who's lives are being impacted.


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