Don't Believe Everything That You Read

This is the kind of asinine reporting that makes me sick.

The setup_

Study: Living in the Suburbs Can Make You Sick
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Living in the suburbs may have once been part of the American dream but it can lead to nightmares such as high blood pressure, arthritis and headaches, researchers reported on Monday.

What is this? Some kind of crazy suburban viral epidemic?! Or maybe not...

We know from previous studies that suburban sprawl reduces the time people spend walking and increases the time they spend sitting in cars, and that is associated with higher obesity rates. This probably plays an important role in the health effects we observe.

Aaaahh. So the real issue here is that suburbanites are just really goddamn lazy, and their environment reflects that. Why waste money on sidewalks or bike lanes, when everyone just takes their SUV anyway? People who do care about such things tend to lead a more urban lifestyle, where they can live close to work and/or public transportation.

Now look back at the headline. Is it the suburbs that are making people sick? Or is it the lifestyle choices of the people who live there?

Remember folks, a correlation does not equal a cause.


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