Don't blame the medium

Much of the resistance to change found in rural america or among senior citizens comes from unfamiliarity. When you work with Muslims or have gay friends, it's a lot harder to fear them. I once saw great hope in the internet as a medium for spreading that exposure. In reality, it's become just like television and created enclaves and echo chambers (Think Fox news or your Facebook feed).

It's easy to blame the medium, and say Facebook should do more, but I think that's shortsighted. The real issue here is the powerful instinct that leads us to seek out validation of our views. It's easy and fulfilling, but is also lazy.

So to all of my friends, I challenge you to expand your circle. Go read the Atlantic or the Wall Street Journal, listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch John Oliver. Challenge your beliefs daily, because those that cannot survive such tests don't deserve to be held. And while you're at it, search for understanding. These divisions in our nation are not so deep as they seem.


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