Energy Plan

Daily Kos has a great article about the new Energy Bill being introduced in the Senate. There are a myriad of problems with it, though - most notably that that it opens up many pristine wilderness areas to commercial exploitation, and that it does almost nothing to promote energy conservation. The most notable stat_

"In 2000-2001, California used public education about conservation and efficiency to lower electricity use by almost 7% in just 12 months."

Seven percent is an incredible amount of energy in a state the size of California. If we had initiatives like this nation-wide, we would be a hell of a lot closer to adhering to things like the Kyoto Protocol, and we would reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It would be really simple to blanket every new office building's roof with solar panels, or set up mini wind turbines on roofs across america. Large-scale manufacturing could make these technologies extremely cheap, and if rolled out on a large scale, they could cut our dependence on the energy grid dramtically.

Better yet, what if we tackled another large problem and put ambitious fuel-economy standards in place? If given an ultimatum, Detrioit has the technology and capability to build SUVs that get 50 mpg and cars that are closer to 100 mpg. The next car I buy will be at the very least, a gas/electric hybrid. Hopefully it'll be something even better, like a hydrogen car, or even something powered by vegetable oil or compressed air.

PS - The article on hydrogen automobiles is probably the best and most realistic vision that I've read for the future of the american automobile and fuel infrastructure. Definitely worth a read.


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