Excerpt from a recent IM conversation

Chris: Can you get chicken suits in kirksville?

Paige: you live there man

Paige: i know where there is a chicken head. but i cant get it. i just thought id let you know about it tho

Chris: you have access to a chicken head?!?!

Chris: and you didnt' tell me sooner?

Chris: do you understand the possibilities?

Paige: LOL! well i didnt know about it til a few weeks ago. and i dont technically have access to it. 'less you wanna drive to eagle river, wisconsin. road trip? 9 hrs buddy.

Chris: I think we could recoup gas expenses with the royalties from the merchandising rights

Paige: and.....

Chris: so here's the plan_
1) Get giant chicken head
2) ???
3) Profit

Paige: wow. you didnt leave to make that (Genius) plan, did ya?

Chris: the plan is foolproof

Chris: don't mock the plan

Paige: not to question your "foolproof" plan. just inquiring. how ya gonna get it?

Chris: well, i assume that it's locked in a high-security compound, so we'll drug the guard dogs, gas the security force, use c4 to blow the safe, and then run like hell

Paige: alright then. quite the imagination you have.

Paige: but......

Chris: You're just jealous


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