For the Record

No, I did not read the DaVinci Code, and no, I do not plan on seeing the movie. I believe that 60 million americans can be wrong, and often are. Need evidence? Off the top of my head_ American Idol, Danielle Steele, and Friends.

Just because other people like wasting their time on vapid, banal crap doesn't mean that I have to.

On a related note, have you ever noticed how much of people's daily chit-chat revolves around television? I haven't watched TV regularly in 6 years, and as I grow farther removed from pop culture, I cringe every time someone asks about the latest episode of Lost, or whatever the fuck they're showing these days. What also amazes me is that many of these same people seem unable to discuss anything else. Ask them about news events or politics (you know, those things that actually affect your life?) and they sweat like they've been given a pop quiz.

Thomas Jefferson famously said that "An informed citizenry is the bulwark of a democracy." I think he's right, and I also think that's why so many of our democratic ideals are under attack.

Warrantless searches, prisoners held without trial or counsel, the routine use of torture - our rights and freedoms are being trampled daily, and the most people can offer is a shrug and change of topic.

Where did we go wrong? Why are people so self-absorbed, so willing to live in a bubble of banality, and why don't they care? Oh, and why the hell does their vote count as much as mine?


Written by Heather -

I know you don't watch much TV but I highly suggest you get into the West Wing. I know it's off the air now but I honestly believe you'd enjoy it. It's your brand of humor, and the more informed you are the more the show makes sense. I'm telling you it's amazing.

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