Free Airfare

Fish 32 Wendy's cups out of the trash, get a free one-way ticket on AirTrans. For 64 cups, you can get a free round trip ticket.

Even if you actually paid for all 64 drinks, at, say 1.25/drink, you'd still be getting an 80-dollar one-way ticket, which isn't bad at all. I may have to stop by the Wendy's dumpster soon...

Sadly, they don't fly to St. Louis, though they do fly out of Houston. Guess I'll have to take a trip elsewhere.

UPDATE_ As Jamie pointed out in the comments, paying for the sodas would net you an 80 dollar round-trip ticket, which is even better.


Written by Christy -

I see you can get to Vegas from Houston. I'll be there from Jan. 18-21. Fly up for the day and I'll buy you dinner.

Written by Andy! -

I wonder if it'll be enforced, or it'll turn into another Pepsi Points/Harrier jet fiasco. I'm guessing the latter

Written by Jamie -

I've already got 10 collected. Helps when you notice them on the desk of your colleagues and they could care less about it. Only 2 are where shall I fly...

Written by Jamie -

oh and btw, you would be $80 round trip for 64 cups... :-D

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