Frequent Flier Follies

Heather called me today and asked if my flight, scheduled for this evening, was on time. "Let's see", I said, as I logged into Houston. . . to St. Louis . . .  loading . . . "Hrmmm. My flight number isn't showing up - that's odd". "All right. . ." goes to email, pulls up e-ticket "Nope, scheduled for 8pm, flight from St. Louis to Houuustooon..." Drop a beat. "Oh shit."

Not only did I book my flight in the wrong direction, but I actually checked in last night and confirmed my flight itinerary without noticing the error. Thankfully, with the help of a lovely SWA agent and some frequent flier flights I had laying around, I'm getting to St. Louis tomorrow morning in plenty of time for Heather's graduation tomorrow, and getting my money back for the incorrect reservation.

I'm pretty sure that before I started flying once a month, I would have checked my reservation a little more carefully. So beware, all ye frequent fliers, lest you make the same mistakes as I.


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