Fundamental truths and the future

And this way we live online brings us to the Fundamental Truth Number Three: That technology changes our expectations of each other. I collect these changes. I really like them. There are lots. A good example is about phone numbers. You might remember a time - I kinda do myself - where a phone number represented a place. That might be a hallway in a house, or a desk in an office, but it was a place - and there was a understanding that someone might not be at that place when you called. Weirdly, you used to be able to call people and find them in a strange state of being "not in". Schroedinger would have proud. Now, of course, a phone number is a person. If you call my number, whereever I am on the planet, more or less, I will answer the phone. Tomorrow I'll be in Amsterdam, and Friday I'll be in Athens, but that doesn't matter.

From Ben Hammersley's speech about information, security, culture, and how the generation gap is being exacerbated by technology. So much good stuff in here that it was pretty hard to pick a pullquote. Go read the whole thing.


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