Gag Me.

The news recently arrived that TIME 's Person of the Year is The American Soldier.

First of all, I feel obligated to point out, that "The American Soldier" is not at all a person. It's an abstract concept being applied to thousands of people who probably just wanted college tuition, and probably do NOT want to be in Iraq. It's not their bravery and committment to the cause that gets them through - it's the fact that they have no choice but to be there. And if they are individuals who support the "war on terror" (or whatever bogus catchphrase we're using now), I say fine, let em fight. Better them than me.

Secondly, I'd like to bash TIME for trying to cash in on the "support the troops" movement. C'mon, TIME. Surely there was some individual that did something that you could have reported on instead.

About the only thing worse that this would have been if George Bush or Jesus Christ won...


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