Google Pages

It looks like Google Pages has just launched, and I thought I'd post a quick review.

Update: Woooah. The whole site went down after about 10 minutes of me playing with it. I'm willing to bet that it wasn't supposed to be released yet. Guess I got a sneak peak! Read on for details_ Looks like the site was just bombarded with traffic and experiencing some growing pains.

Google Pages is a WYSIWYG web-page creator. The interface is fairly user friendly, though necessarily limited in scope. You can choose from a fairly large selection of page layouts and pre-created styles. You can also edit the HTML, but I haven't found a way to modify the styesheet, so web-savvy users can forget doing anything too horribly creative. Still, I whipped up a basic bio page in about 5 minutes, including a picture and links to my CV and my other websites. You can see the results here.

The service is tied to your gmail account, and all the pages you create are hosted at Their quota is 100 MB of disk space, which is more than enough for a few personal pages and a couple of photo galleries. Also, being hosted on google gives you the advantage of almost unlimited bandwidth.

My biggest peeve with the service is that the pages produced don't validate correctly, though they came fairly close. They are using some nice XHTML and CSS, but there were lots of little errors, like divs being nested in places they shouldn't and forgetting to self-close and

All in all, the service wasn't bad, but it isn't anything I'd be using regularly. For someone who just needs a personal page, or a place to post a few pictures, it looks pretty nice, though. It'll be a good complement to Blogger, in that it allows users to post content that doesn't fit into blog format well.


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