Green Power

Texas is one confusing place. Today I went to sign up for electricity at my new place and discovered that Texas's electric industry is deregulated. What that means is lots of choices for who your electric provider is. There are something like 20 different providers for my new apartment's area alone.

Some of the green companies really appeal to me, as several get all of their power from wind and solar sources. I'd really like to talk with my money and get clean power, but I don't know if there's any difference in reliability or service.

As a result, I'm currently leaning towards just signing up for the behemoth Reliant, since they're the biggest, and presumably have more technicians, etc. I figure it's a safe bet, even though they get most of thier power from coal and gas (yuck!). I hope that I can can then switch farther down the road when I figure this stuff out.

Any Texans out there know anything about these companies? Is there any risk with going with a company like Green Mountain and saving the planet?


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