Gross Negligence

Yeah, I'm not surprised that I have no readers anymore. It's just that life takes precedence over this blog.

So yeah, today is election day. I've been up since 8am, when I bummed a ride with Heather to my polling place at the local YMCA. After reading all about the voter intimidation tactics and long lines, I was bracing myself for the worst, but all I found were some amiable old women running the show and a pretty good turnout, for it being that early in the morning.

I'm finding it hard to concentrate on schoolwork today. I should be finishing up my take-home test, finishing up those grad school esssays, and researching my next round of applications. Instead, I find myself aimlessly cruising from one website to another, looking for any glimmers of information about the election. You've got exit polls? I'll take 'em! Your sample size is five people?... Give 'em to me anyway!

I know that exit polls mean shit, as do the totals at and pundit speculation. It's just that I'm so acutely aware of how much is riding on this election. I can't comprehend what another four years of Bush and Co. will do to this nation, to our standing in the world, to our environment, to our civil liberties...

So I won't think about it, I won't give in to the urge to scream or yell or cry. I'll sit here in the library, doing Microbial Ecology homework, reading every sentence twice because I can't concentrate, and I will NOT worry any more.

I know the CW is that undecideds break challenger. I know that high turnout typically favors democrats. I know that polls typically underrepresent the young and low-income. I know that GOTV efforts have been huge this year. I know this can happen.

And if it doesn't, you'll find me at the bar, drinking myself into a stupor of disbelief.


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Chris, i read your blog. I just don't ussualy comment on anything.

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