High Speed Chase

Here's a video of a crazy sonuvabitch who murdered two women, ran from police, then flipped his car off of the highway in dramatic fashion. (Killing himself in the process).

Notice that the suburban actually ramps up and OVER 4 lanes of Lindbergh Blvd.


Written by Christy -

Chris, The video was captured exclusively by Fox 2 and was shown over and over and over here in St. Louis. This prick confronted his wife and her friend on Bopp Rd. The wife had gotten a restraining order against him in January and apparently it did not sit well with him. He approached her car and shot both the wife and her friend while his children looked on. Now the children are without a mother or a father. I've passed Lindbergh and 40 several times and it is amazing that the Suburban never fell into the 4 lanes on Lindgergh or that he never took anybody else out with him. All of this happened during rush hour traffic (about 6_00 p.m.) What an asshole!!!

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