Holy Shit

Things in New Orleans are bad. In fact, they're evacuating the entire city.

And guess where a lot of those refugees are coming?

In Houston, Rusty Cornelius, a county emergency official, said at least 25,000 of them would travel in a bus convoy to Houston starting Wednesday and would be sheltered at the 40-year-old Astrodome, which is no longer used for professional sporting events.

I live under a mile from the Astrodome. Things are about to get crazy around here. I think I'm going to see if they need volunteers to help out with the refugee camp over there.

Update: They've already got far more volunteers than they know what to do with around here. The Red Cross just needs cash and the local food banks are taking donataions of non-perishable stuff. Guess I'll toss in a few bucks and sit this one out.


Written by Christy -

THIS IS THE TIME.....to be thankful for your family, the roof over your head, and every possession you have. Help anyway you can. I know you have been to New Orleans, so you can imagine the devistation. Give these refugees hope.

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