Holy shit, we live in the future

I have a small device in my pocket that allows to me to access a compendium of all human knowledge virtually instantly. I can control that device by talking to it.

This little gadget knows where I am, and can offer me directions to anywhere that I want to go. Soon, it will beam those directions straight to my self-driving car.

Later this year, I'll be able to replace that device with a pair of glasses, which will do all of the above, but will also be able to augment my vision by superimposing information onto my surroundings.

Our wars are increasingly being fought by robots.

Our financial markets are mostly composed of algorithms with super-human speed fighting against one another for leverage. Humans are already unable to understand many of the decisions that are made or react in time to stop them. The same forces are at work in our retail stores, where quasi-intelligent algorithms create content, list it, and jostle with each other to affect the pricing.

A device built into a USB key that can sequence your genome is about to be released.

We have three dimensional printers that can rapidly produce tangible objects and can even be used to create replacement body parts.

This is not science-fiction, this is the present - and holy crap is it cool.


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