Houston Janitors

Several sources have reported that striking Houston janitors were trampled by stampeding police horses as they were peacefully protesting. If so, that would be inexcusable. However, that's not exactly the right story.

First of all, there wasn't any real trampling. Here's the video_

The cops use their horses for crowd control and herd the protesters back onto the sidewalks. Nothing wrong with that. No one was trampled or smashed to the ground by horses.

Another thing these sources don't mention is that some of the janitors were trying to block a busy intersection, as they did several days ago. That action clearly falls outside their right to peacefully protest. They don't have the right to endanger people and impede others' rights to use the streets.

I'm no fan of police brutality and sympathize with these workers' plight. However, I don't think there was anything wrong with the way the cops handled this one.

Update: Mike has posted an update talking about the crappy treatment these protesters received while in police custody. If their allegations are true, then I 100% condemn the tactics used against them. It does sound a little like something out of Guantanamo.

So to be clear, I don't have an issue with police getting protesters the hell out of the road. I do have an issue with sub-human treatment of prisoners.


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