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I, along with many others, have long seen the humor and hypocrisy in the application of the term "pro-life". The problem with this term is that it implies basic respect for all living things, a quality that the people who wear this badge often don't display. After all, they're pro-death penalty, anti-environmental regulation, proponents of war... you get the idea.

So, what to do about this apparent contradiction? Coin a new term to describe these people. A Benedictine nun on Bill Moyers' PBS show recently used the term "pro-birth" in reference to these one-issue zealots.

It's accurate, succinct, and I like it.


Written by TJ -

I like to think of myself as pro-cryo. Freeze 'em all, and then figure out what you're going to do with them later. I think we could cool down the debates around abortion and capital punishment if we developed non-lethal cryogenic technology.

Written by Liz -

The problem seems to boil down to this_ Innocent babies are being slaughtered or they're not. This is why you can't have a civilized discussion about abortion. If you really believe that a fetus, even a few weeks old, has a full-grown life, carrying the same weight as the life of the mother or father, you are actually morally obligated to kill abortionist as you would be morally obligated to shoot Hitler, given the chance. If that's what you really believe. At the same time, war and the death penalty can be justified, although the innocent are sometimes casualties. If you believe that we are indeed squashing a real threat to our nation and liberating an oppressed people out of the goodness of our hearts or rightfully punishing convicted criminals, your concern for millions of legally murdered innocents *ought* to trump your concerns about war or the death penalty. If that's what you really believe. There is no middle ground here- there's not a "half life" it's murder or a medical procedure. So what I'm saying I suppose, is that logically- the pro-birth movement works out for people that hold a certain set of inarguable beliefs (it's a baby_ no it's not, there's a god_ no there's not, this is a Christian nation_ no it's not). Fortunately in this case I think the hard-line 'pro-birthers' are really just a very vocal minority and there are lots of red state closet pro-choice folks out there. (Don't believe me? Go to the Focus on the Family website and look at their "quick poll" on abortion. It certianly isn't scientific but over 40% thought it should stay legal- interesting. Even more intresting is the artical they have specifically addressing Christian mothers who have pushed their teen daughters to get abortions) I'm not too worried about good 'ole Roe v. Wade being overturned. As with all social issues- the best thing you can do is vote with your dollars. My donation to Planned Parenthood is in the mail.

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