I'll agree to this_

Let us pledge that if we ever find ourselves on a jury at the trial of a person who, when a cell phone rang in a cinema during a movie, went over to the inconsiderate, stupid, 'Oh, look at me everyone! I'm so popular and important that I couldn't possibly be out of reach for the duration of this movie!' person, took hold of the phone, and smashed it into tiny pieces against that person's teeth, pounding and pounding and pounding the jagged casing and ruptured battery into the owner's face until sheer exhaustion forced a halt - then we will find that person 'Not Guilty'. Simple mathematics will guarantee that if we all bring five people on board (who bring on another five, etc.) then very soon no jury in the world will convict. This may have a sobering effect on people who are overly fond of mobile phones; nothing else, I suspect, will.

Thanks for that one, Mil.


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