I'm a Felon in Florida

My name, exactly as it is spelled with my exact middle name is on the Florida Felon list for Seminole County, which you can find here.

While that is not me and I have never lived in Seminole County, or Florida for that matter, it goes to show the problem with such lists. What if I go to grad school in Florida?

I also think that it's rather ridiculous to deny the vote to past felons. Perhaps it's fair to do it while they are incarcerated, but once they're released, they're supposed to be treated fairly. Denying these American citizens the basic right to vote is ridiculous.

Adapted from a Daily Kos post.


Written by Jennifer -

You know, that started because back in the day felonies were only VERY serious crimes_ Murder, mayhem, etc. Now there are so many felonies, the justification for denying rights (and jobs, etc.) to ex-felons is thinner and thinner. We should definitely revisit those issues..."Merely because a practice is prevalent..."

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