I'm torn...

So, I have approximately 18 hours to decide how I'm going to spend my summer.

A little background_ I'm a Biology/Computer Science major, probably bound for grad school (assuming I don't get any great job offers after I get out next May). I'm interested in biotech, which is a huge field right now, so I definitely have the right interests at the right time. Now, whether I continue on to grad school, or get a job in the private sector, having good research experience while an undergraduate is essential. That's where this summer comes in.

My first option this summer is a guaranteed position on a group research project here in Kirksville. It's a collaborative effort between Truman and KCOM, the med school here in town. The project will involve creating image analysis tools that will be used in two different projects. One relates to cancer and angiogenesis, the other has more to do with growth cycles of epidermal tissue. Both very interesting stuff. It looks like it will pay me a reasonable amount - about the average stipend for a summer job, and I like the professors and students I'd be working with.

My second option is not a lock. Truman has a professor who has established a good relationship with some folks over at Monsanto. For those of you who don't know, Monsanto is like the Microsoft of the biotech world - wildly successful and huge. Through this professor, I may be able to secure a summer internship there, assisting on various kinds of research and modeling. That kind of big-name on my resume could help out a lot with future endeavors. The problem is, the prof has not guaranteed me the recommendation, and I have no idea what specific type of work I'd be doing. It would be a 9-5, living in St. Louis at home kind of deal as well...

And I need to commit by tomorrow.

UPDATE: You know, actually, writing that entry helped. Though staying here won't be the big name that Monsanto would be, it's solid research experience, and most importantly, I'm guaranteed a spot. Last summer, getting up at 6am to work maintenance at a school district sucked enough. And I'll be paying rent up here anyway, on my new place, so I might as well live in it.

Yay for Kirksville in the summer. Looks like I'll be taking some weekend road trips...


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