In Hostile Territory

Last night I went to a bar here in Houston to watch the Cardinals play the Astros. It was my feeling that since I would be grossly outnumbered, I should represent by wearing my Cardinals jersey and hat. (Is he brave or stupid, you might ask at this point...)

From what I could tell, there was only one other Cardinals fan in the whole damn place. From opposite sides of the bar, we booed the Astros' double plays and cheered the Cardinals runs. And when Reggie Sanders belted his two-run homer, we made eye contact while cheering loudly and shared a moment.

Over the course of the evening, I racked up the following abuse_

  • The barkeep mockingly refused to serve me twice.
  • In line for the bathroom, I was told that Cardinals fans have to piss in the alley out back.
  • I overheard countless "That guy's wearing a fucking Cardinals jersey!" comments
  • Several people also told me that I was brave.
  • And by brave, I think they meant stupid.

No violence took place, though, and I had a good time watching the Cards smash the 'stros. Game 2 is tonight. Get your rally caps on!

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Written by Christy -

Are you willing to go back to the same bar and sport your cardinal attire now that the score is even and they are playing on Houston turf?? I say...TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM... and do it!!

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