Iraqi Voting

Jen says_

"We can't do it perfectly, no one ever can, but we can do it, and the end result is far better than what was there before. Hell, even the halfway-finished result is better, and the millions of Iraqis voting today proved that."
So more or less what they're saying is that we have spent 200 billion dollars, 1,500 US and allied lives, and tens of thousands of Iraqi lives, just so that Iraqis could vote.

It's awfully convenient how this war isn't about WMDs, an imminent threat, or our own security anymore. According to apologists, it was always about our great benevolence in giving Iraqis the right to vote. It's a familiar strategy - when one line of reasoning fails, just pick another one, and swear that it was always about security.. err.. WMDs... err.. freedom!

(We have always been at war with Eastasia).

So, are these people who support "exporting freedom" in favor of invading Saudi Arabia next? How about our good friends in Pakistan who live under a military dictatorship? Is Uzbekistan next? After all, they torture their own countrymen pretty regularly. Should we invade North Korea to despose Kim Jong Il? How about Lukashenka in Belarus or Toure in Mali, neither of whom is a nice guy by any means?

If it were really about freedom, shouldn't we be drawing up plans to free those people from their oppressive regimes? Funny, I don't see that happening.

So what do we face in Iraq, now that the highly-touted vote has happened?

More of the same. 100+ US and allied dead per month (which, incidentally, is approaching the level of casualties suffered by the Soviets during their Afghanistan invasion and occupation). A failed state, breeding ground of future terrorists, and a crucial region destabalized by endless war and religious fanaticism.

But since the reason for the invasion was apparently GOTV, then mission accomplished! Or something like that...



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