Irrational Fears

From the Union of Concerned Scientists_

Stop Meat and Milk From Clones!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is poised to allow the sale of meat and milk from cloned animals and their offspring in U.S. stores. Until now, producers have abided by an FDA request not to sell cloned meat and milk, even though no legal barriers exist to prevent them from doing so. The FDA needs to thoroughly review the safety of food products from clones and their offspring before allowing these products on the market. Furthermore, any cloned meat or milk that is sold should be clearly labeled so that consumers can make informed choices. Write to the FDA immediately and urge the agency to keep unwanted cloned meat and milk out of our food supply!

My response_

The UCS's recent stance on cloned meat and milk seems to be based on hype, not science. Genetic clones, to put it in layman's terms, are merely identical twins born at different times. There is no reason to believe that any harm could come to humans from eating meat from these animals. Accusations that these products could be harmful are simply out of touch with the scientific facts.

I absolutely believe that food safety is important, but cloned meat and milk should be inspected in the same way as any other meat or dairy product, since there is no fundamental difference.

While I agree with many of the UCS's positions, I have to say I'm disappointed that you seem to be letting irrational fears trump science in this case.


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