Is it Natural?

So, on several message boards I read, people are still harping about whether homosexuality is "natural". Here's my response_

The short answer is yes, homosexuality is found in nature, and no, that isn't very useful in determining moral behavior.

1) Homosexuality is fairly normal in animals. The first evidence that some other animals orgasm was recorded in a female/female sexual encounter in a species of monkeys. Dolphins, elephants, birds, rats, and most species of monkeys and apes have all been shown to have a fairly high prevalence of homosexuality (anywhere from 10-50%)

2) That being said, it's not particularly useful to look to animals for information about what is "normal" or "natural" behavior. Animals don't fly in airplanes, drive in cars, wear clothing, etc.. We have thousands of behavioral idiosycracies that distinguish us from other species, so nature is not a good place to look for clues for what is moral.


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