I'll spare you all the buildup and tell you right off that I won't be on Jeopardy anytime soon. Here's a quick recap of the experience, though, in case you're ever inclined to try for yourself_

Saturday, the lovely Kat dropped me off at the station early, and I took the train into downtown Chicago. I got off around 8, and walked the 20 or so blocks to Navy Pier, just enjoying the gorgeous morning. I got to the locale just in time and walked into what was a pretty simple set up - several rows of straight tables facing a projector and screen at the front of the room.

I'd say there were around 50 people in the room for the test I took, but I know that they were holding two other tests that day. The Contestant Search crew was also in town for 3 days, so quite a few people got a chance to audition, either for the regular show, or for the College Tournament, which was the group I was in.

Once everyone arrived, we were given sheets with 50 numbered blank lines and a cheap Jeopardy insignia pen (which was ultimately the only thing that I got out of the experience). We went through a few warm-up questions on an interactive board controlled from a laptop. The lady leading the search was energetic and tried to make it fun, and it was.

The test itself was just a flash movie or something similar. A question was projected up, read aloud by the recording, and then you had 8 seconds to write down an answer before the question changed. There were 50 questions in all, and the subjects covered pretty much everything - History, Chemistry, Sports, Literature, Food, Opera - you name it, it was on there. There were no gimmie questions either - it was a seriously tough test.

I felt like I did pretty well. They don't tell you your results, but I'm guessing I got between 35 and 40 right. Respectable, but it wasn't enough to make the cut. Ten people were asked to stay for a brief audition, and the rest of us were sent on our way.

I arrived at 900 and was out of there by 1015 or so, which left me the whole day to do pretty much anything. I walked around downtown, taking lots of pictures and got some good food. (I'll upload some pics later - I got some cool shots of architecture and the lakefront).

After spending entirely too much time in Kirksville, it was great to be back in a real city, with city people, and public transportation, and buildings higher than 5 stories. (God, I love Chicago.) There's also something very cool about the anonymity of walking around by yourself in a city. I enjoy it immensely.

Overall it was a good weekend - I got to hang out with Kat a lot, and saw Creed and her sister, which was a good time. (BTW - Creed will be in Kirksville this weekend for the 4th.)

So in closing, please offer no condolences - the weekend was a good time and I'm glad I did it. I also encourage all of you to give it a whirl sometime - it'd be great to see a bro do well.

Oh, and if anyone wants to get their ass kicked at Trivial Pursuit, I'm still your man. grin


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