Kerry Rally in STL

I was in town briefly on Friday night - I found out last minute that there was a debate-watch and Kerry rally downtown at the Convention Center downtown, so me and a few friends decided to drive in and check it out. It was kind of cool. I wasn't blown away by Kerry's speech - it was the usual campaign stump speech, complete with references to the local sports team's playoff win (Go Cards!). I wasn't expecting much more, though, and I was really impressed by the crowd - about 12,000 people out on a Friday night.

All in all, I'm glad I did it. I got a fun road trip with some bros, and got to see the next president of the United States speak. I'm not counting on Kerry winning Missouri, but who knows? With his debate performances, and the inevitable poll jumps, it just might happen!

I'll post more of impressions of the rally later, along with some pictures. Right now, keeping my head above water in school is my top priority.

Oh, and if you ever decide to take Calc II - call me, and I'll talk you out of it. Believe me - it's for your own good.


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