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Libertarianism is a juvenile fantasy phase that many young Americans go through. The typical profile is a smart, white, somewhat socially backward type (usually male) who resents that his allegedly superior brain has not reaped his due rewards. Libertarianism is a way of structuring a society that will give him those rewards_ by getting rid of welfare, taxation, restrictive laws and all the other barriers to accomplishment, the nerd will take his rightful place as the next Hank Rearden or Howard Roark, albeit with taped horn-rims and bad complexion.

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It's interesting that Objectivist characters are cited as Libertarian heroes. Ayn Rand, founder of the Objectivist "philosophy" and creator of the aforementioned characters Howard Roark and Hank Rearden, would likely have found this classification distasteful at the least_ "Above all, do not join the wrong ideological groups or movements, in order to 'do something.' ... (E.g., the Conservative Party, which subordinates reason to faith, and substitutes theocracy for capitalism; or the 'libertarian' hippies, who subordinate reason to whims, and substitute anarchism for capitalism.)" That said, Objectivists are just as bad as Libertarians, but there is a distinction (albeit minor) between the two. Objectivists claim logical conclusions, but based on faulty assumptions. In some ways, this is worse than the anarchist philosophy of the Libertarians, who have no codified doctrine or platform. It's kind of like Creationists compared to proponents of Intelligent Design--while the former are straightforward about their views, the latter are more insidious, attempting to couch their views in fallacious logic in order to present some measure of "validity" to the average person.

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