Limericks for Nerds

The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form (OEDILF) has some pretty amusing definitions of words. Here are a few from biology_

The agarose polymer may
Come in handy to scan DNA.
It's great at perusing
Large molecules, using
Electrophoresis, I'd say.

Biosystematics suggest
How each creature relates to the rest.
Biochemical data
Yield tree-like schemata,
With taxonomic relations assessed.

There's a form of molecular keno
In the global genetic casino,
Where each bet that we rode on
(A triplet, or codon)
Is cashed for an acid (amino).

These remind me of high school chemistry class, when I wrote one of my lab reports entirely in limerick form. My teacher was not amused, but I thought it made the cookie-cutter lab considerably more interesting.


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