Linkdump for March 23rd


Written by matt smith -

Hello. Bastard stole your bike too huh? Wonder if it's the same guy-if not maybe they'll both burn in the same fire. Was trying to get into the bioengineering sector that deals with histology,intracellular mechanics relating to autoimmune disorders and didn't know if you have any direction for someone like myself who is still early on in an associates in engineering. In particularly, with what might be the wisest courses to take to make myself marketable in the mean time(like lab tech/support work, blood work) to help get into the field in the first place in order to gain some basic experience in it that is employable-internships, volunteering? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I came upon this site looking up ways to stop my slipping chain-I know how you feel, my old bike got stolen with crap breaks, chain slip and wheels in need of truing. I still hope I see the bastard crash into a wall because of failing breaks-no, a fire will due.

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