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Since I'm going to be trolling the internet all night, getting election results, I figure I might as well post about it.

  • Woohoo! Dems retake the House convincingly, with lots of opportunities for pickups left!
  • Wow - In VA, with 97% of precincts in, the Dem trails by less than 8k votes (out of 2.2 million)
  • I'm amused at how early this evening, the major sites were calling races before ANY votes were in, based on the polls.
  • Holy shit - VA is ridiculous - 1700 votes divide them with only a few precincts left. 1700 votes out of 2.3 million cast? That's insane...
  • CNN has by far the best live map. It breaks it down by county, ballot measures, etc. Don't bother with anyone else's site.
  • Tom "Mr. Corruption" Delay's old district has been called for the Democrat Nick Lampson. I can't speak for Texas, but Houston isn't so bad sometimes.
  • The Governator will win another term in CA - no surprise there...
  • I always find it interesting how many more women vote liberal/democratic. I think it's the whole 'nurturing' role - being more concerned about other people than some men are. Call me stereotypical, but it may be true.
  • Webb pulls ahead in VA!! This comes with less than 20 precincts left. There will be a recount, by VA law, but it's likely to not matter, since most of VA is on electronic voting machines (so I hear).
  • Claire is closing the gap in MO. 50-47, with many KC-area counties yet to weigh in. That's her biggest stronghold of support, IIRC.
  • Geez - Kansas, home of Creationist state-school boards now has a dem gov, dem att. general, and has picked up a few house seats. The Republicans really did fuck up in this cycle.
  • Jackson County is only a third of the way in - that's where Claire was prosecutor back in the day and should will even up this race quite a bit.
  • Stem cell amendment slightly behind. Given that it was polling well, and that Claire has tied herself to stem cell research very closely, it's likely that a lot of the ballots yet to be counted will swing dem. Good news for the McCaskill campaign.
  • Wow - Webb is leading with a very narrow margin, and by VA law, it looks like there will be a recount. If MO and MT both go dem, then that will be one ugly-ass court battle for control of the Senate.
  • With 80% reporting, Claire takes a narrow lead!
  • Lieberman beat out Lamont in CT earlier today, which is a shame. Lieberman may be a prick, but at least he's a prick that will caucus with the Dems.
  • Claire is up and the stem-cell amendment is up, both by over 10k votes. Also interesting_ the MO minimum wage hike is passing overwhelmingly.
  • McCaskill is up over 10k, with 81% reporting. The best part? Clay county, part of KC, hasn't weighed in at all yet. That's Claire's base. I'm calling this one for McCaskill right now.

Yup, Claire leads by 25k right now - this one's over. Tester looks like he'll win comfortably in MT, which leaves VA. The published results show Webb with a 2700 vote win. This will undoubtedly be challenged in court, and it's clear that every provisional ballot and absentee ballot will be gone over with a fine-toothed comb. I'm feeling optimistic, though, and I believe that Webb will emerge from the mudslinging victorious. That means that the Dems pulled off the perfect storm tonight and took back both the House and Senate!! I'm calling it a night!


Written by mg -

Do you think Amendment 2 will pull ahead? I just saw on MSNBC that it was %51 to %49 against. It has gained ground.

Written by Keith -

Yes, it's a good day to be a liberal Democrat in Missouri. Finally!

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