Long Day

Some days it feels like all I do is convert files from one ill-defined data format to another.

And for those thinking about storing their massive dataset in Excel, let me give you some advice_ Don't.

If you don't know why this is a bad thing, find yourself a bioinformatician and ask. Be sure to observe the look of horror on their face when you show them your workbook with 16 different sheets, all cross-referenced and full of arcane formulas that you'll never be able to decipher. For bonus points, store multiple types of data in the same text field and don't bother using a consistent format. (It's okay because, I know that FM85436 is the same thing as 98TBE3)

Sigh. . .


Written by Justin -

umm....what? Bioinformatician is a word? Sorry. All I can compensate these days is "take your momma when you go" and "let me take you out in the woods, lay you down in the sticks, so I can check you for ticks." Sigh...

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